Books for November

November begins tomorrow, an in-between month that can feel like we are mentally rushing from one holiday to another and never quite catching up. I am hoping to take November for quiet contemplation, plenty of reading, and plenty of making. Here are some of our favorite picture books that help us enjoy the depth of autumn.

Some sweet chapter books for this month:

And some adult books for November, too:

  • Autumn always makes me want to break out the Agatha Christie novels, especially the Miss Marple books. A Murder is Announced begins on October 29!
  • Food is on my mind at this time of year, and the master of food writing is MFK Fisher. The omnibus The Art of Eating is enough to keep one busy for a while!
  • Set in the depths of the minds of two poets, A.S. Byatt’s Possession is lush and cozy.
  • One of the books I am excited to read in November is Wendell Berry’s new release of a collection of his agrarian writing, The Art of Loading Brush.
  • Incredibly inspiring and beautiful is William Coperthwaite’s book, A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity.

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